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Editorial — 2020

A deck of poker cards and a foldable poster/brochure are the outcome of a research at the IISH Archive of Amsterdam in times of covid-19.
Coming across quirky artefacts I created my own 'most wanted list' (inspired by Iraqui Most Wanted deck of Cards) of objects I would like to phisically discover if the Archive was still open.

* XS/Brief Interviews with Hideous Men
* Metamorphoses Unlimited
* Sixth Park
* Moon vs. Mood
* 56 Most Wanted
* Omen Zambezi
* How It Really Happened
* Diagnostics of an Idol
* Commissioned Thesis
* The Dirty Poutine — Search & Destroy
* Transhumanesse
* Anámnēsis
* Ode to a Mother
* Textile Boards
* Heroes Scarf