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Editorial — 2019

The Metamorphoses is a book written by Ovid, a Roman poet born in 43 BC. In his text, Ovid touched many topics, from psychology to society, from fluxes to punishments. Its influence on artists and thinkers has always been very active, still today, 2000 years after. This publication functions as an overview on the original and its re-interpretations, using one grid to create different layouts.

* XS/Brief Interviews with Hideous Men
* Metamorphoses Unlimited
* Sixth Park
* Moon vs. Mood
* 56 Most Wanted
* Omen Zambezi
* How It Really Happened
* Diagnostics of an Idol
* Commissioned Thesis
* The Dirty Poutine — Search & Destroy
* Transhumanesse
* Anámnēsis
* Ode to a Mother
* Textile Boards
* Heroes Scarf