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Original Artifact — Heroes Scarf
Artist Mieke Gerritzen designed this textile, called Heroes Scarf, with a pattern created by the repetition of images of all possible modern icons of public figures — fictional and non — such as Donald Duck, Nelson Mandela and Madonna, but also mass murderers like Charles Manson and Hitler.
Gerritzen’s pattern is a colorful blur when viewed from a distance but it exposes its crowded cult of personality when viewed up close.
About the Project
Hi! My name is Emma and this is a project of transcodings. The artwork I chose is given to the public in its purely visual matter because it needs a 'neutral' and raw response, without any fussy explanation. It is source of controversial interpretations from its audience.
In my project I am creating a visible connection between the artwork and its context, as well as conceiving in it my own take on a subject so vague but at the same time so absolute.
Transcoding plays a big role withing the sub-areas of the Heroes Scarf.
Through the different transcodings I bring to the surface some implicit but still hidden characteristics of the artifact, recreating somwhow an imaginary bridge between the textile and Mieke's intentions, but also creating space for my own interpretation and re-contextualisation of the piece.
Catalog of Archival Resilience — Research
Transcoding nr.4 — Book
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